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One of the most popular games among casino games is the live poker. Knowing the strategies and the psychology of managing the game is of great importance in the live poker game, which is very enjoyable to play.

There are many trusted casinos to play live poker for real money or cryptocurrency. Many successful live casinos like Bitstarz play poker. I will continue to bring you platforms where you can play these games safely and comfortably. As you know, live casino games have recently gained a huge rise. Many people play many different casino games, especially the live poker game. For this reason, the popularity of the poker game is increasing day by day. However, being inexperienced while playing poker means that you can have serious problems. Therefore, it is very important to have sufficient knowledge about play bitstarz live poker or poker.

Live poker is just as much a game of chance; strategy and patience are also an indispensable detail in this game.

Play Live Poker

Live Poker game is played 52 cards and with the joining of a maximum of 10 people. It may differ in some casinos and depending on the type of poker. In the live poker game, players try to get the best five with cards dealt with them and cards on the floor. The game rotates clockwise on the table. The person to the left of the big blind starts talking. In live poker, you need to bet at least the amount of blinds to participate in the game. The game continues in order in this way. The last players open their hands and the winner of the game is determined.

Of course, it is necessary to manage the psychology as well as the game follow-up in poker. This is the cornerstone of this game for some poker players. It is not possible to follow the opponent’s gestures and analysis in live casinos. This can only be done in games on the physical real table. But in the live casino, you can evaluate many behaviors such as the way players play the hand and the number of bets and act accordingly.

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The most known types of Poker

Online casinos to play real money poker are just right for us. There is a wide variety of types of poker at these online casinos. Although all types of poker are basically similar, there are some minor differences within themselves. Live poker sites and real money poker platforms also organize games according to these differences. If you are not familiar with playing poker online, it will be best to get detailed information about poker types.

Texas Holdem poker

When it comes to live poker, the first thing that comes to mind is the Texas Holdem poker game. Poker means Texas Holdem poker for many people. For this reason, casino platforms that play online poker with many live dealers primarily show a great interest in Texas Holdem poker.

  1. In Texas Holdem poker initially the dealer deals two cards to each player.
  2. After the cards are dealt, the sequence of moves is made clockwise.
  3. In the meantime, you can raise the bets, abandon that hand or call the standard bet.
  4. Once the bets are complete, the dealer opens the three cards in the middle of the table. players combine the two cards in their hand with the three cards on the table.
  5. After the cards are opened, the bets are made again and after that, a new card is revealed.
  6. Another card is revealed after this round. The players then look for the best combination by combining three of the five cards on the table with the two in their hands.

Thus, the winner of the game is revealed at the end of this round. With its simple and simple structure, this game is preferred among live poker games.

Omaha High Poker

Another game type that attracts attention in live poker games is Omaha High poker. The main difference of the game from Texas Holdem poker is that initially four cards are dealt with instead of two cards. Players try to reach the best series by combining two of the four cards in their hand with three of the five cards on the floor. Another difference between the Texas Holdem poker game and the Omaha high game occurs in the flush process. In the game of Omaha high, it is necessary to use at least two of the cards in the hand for a flush. In Texas Holdem poker this is just one card.

Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

I would like to point out that live poker players are optimistic about Omaha High. This game has an extra genre. When Omaha Hi / Lo is said, attention should be paid to the words high and low. When sitting at a table to play live poker, you have to be careful when choosing Omaha Hi / Lo. “Saying hi” wins the high hand in this game. However, it should be kept in mind that the low hand wins when it is said “lo”. This difference is a basic detail that should be known by players who play live poker.

7 card stud

Another type of game when choosing to play live poker is the 7 card stud game. There are seven cards in total in this game on platforms that play live poker, as the name suggests.

  1. Cards are made four face up and three faces down
  2. This game has five rounds and the cards are dealt sequentially.
  3. 2 face-up cards are dealt in the first round, and in the next three rounds, one card is dealt face up.
  4. In the last round, a face-down card is dealt and the total number goes to seven.

Ante system is used in this game, which is one of the most exciting games among live poker games. Players can only raise by two amounts determined as small and large bets. In this way, large increases are prevented.


Although not popular with live poker players, Razz poker has interesting features. There are a total of seven cards in the game, three faces down and four faces up. And unlike many other live poker games, the worst hand wins in this game.

7-2 Triple Draw

Game processes are one of the easiest games to learn. The main goal in this 7-2 Triple Draw poker game is to get the lowest rank. However, a 7-2 triple draw is not a much-preferred type of poker among live poker casinos.


For Badugi, a game type originating from Asia among live poker games, it would be correct to say that the worst hand wins. Players try to get the lowest run in this game played with four cards.

I explained the game types superficially for those who want to play live poker. Now there are card ranks/values and rules that are another fundamental element of the process of playing live poker. Let me talk about these briefly.

  • Royal Flush: (Probability: 1 in 649,737 / Combinations: 4) The highest hand for live poker is Royal Flush. They must all be of the same suit. It is the rank of Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10 of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: (Probability: 1 in 72,193 / Combinations: 36) If you have five consecutive cards of the same suit, the equivalent is a straight flush.
  • Four of a Kind: (Probability: 1 in 4,164 / Combinations: 624) Also known as “Quads”. It is a series of four cards with the same number.
  • Full House: (Probability: 1 in 693 / Combinations: 3,744) Three of the five cards must be one and 2 must be another. For example, 3 Kings, 2 Aces.
  • Flush: (Probability: 1 in 508 / Combinations: 5,108) Flush is getting five cards of the same suit.
  • Straight: (Probability: 1 in 253 / Combinations: 10,200) Another essential card for those who play live poker. It consists of five consecutive cards that can be of different suits.
  • Three of a Kind: (Probability: 1 in 46 / Combinations: 54,912) Three cards of the same rank. It is another essential card for playing live poker.
  • Pairs: Another type of card used for live poker is pairers. Also known as binary.

Advice for first-time poker players

Playing bitstarz live poker is a serious process as well as fun. So if you are going to play poker for the first time, make sure you have enough knowledge about the game. You can play this game with free chips to get an experience. I recommend sitting at the live poker table when you feel ready.

Also, it is very important to play carefully and not be greedy. Likewise, knowing when to leave the table is essential. If you follow this advice, you’ll get off the table enjoyable and profitable while playing live poker.

Good Luck

Ricky A Starling

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