Welcome Bonuses

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No Deposit or Bonus Code Required
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Wagering Requirements : 40x

Bonus validity : 7 days after registration

Disposable email addresses are not eligible

Not eligible for multiple countries

*The casino reserves the right to change the bonus terms. Be sure to read the Terms and conditions before taking any action.

Proliferating sites in the betting and casino world have made members more meticulous in making their choices. The welcome bonuses of betting and casino sites are the favorite of recent times. If you want to win while having fun, you should choose providers with wide bonus benefits.

If you have entered the online Casino or Betting world for the first time, one of the questions you wonder about is the question of what is the welcome bonuses? This promotion is often referred to as a first registration bonus or first deposit bonus.

What is the Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus is a bonus given by casinos and betting sites to users who make their first investment. You can get a huge amount of bonus compared to regular bonuses with this welcome bonus.
The welcome bonus is usually given 2-3 times the money deposited by the user. On some welcome bonus sites, this amount can be 10 times as well as 1 fold. Users are constantly changing the platform they play in order to receive this bonus. Although this tactic seems very logical to make money, your risk of being scammed while doing this is very high. It will be important to choose reliable betting sites or casinos while doing this process.

How to Get a Welcome Bonus?

You can be eligible for a welcome bonus by signing up to a betting or casino site with a welcome bonus. Do not deposit without checking the welcome bonus terms of the Betting and Casinos. Because almost every site has its own unique conditions.

People who do not meet the conditions cannot benefit from the welcome bonus campaigns of betting sites. You can deposit and receive your welcome bonus by complying with the deposit method and the lower limit requirement.

So what are these Welcome Bonus General Rules?

Obviously, no one is smarter than companies! Companies set some rules and conditions in order to protect their rights. Let me explain a few basic and unchanging Welcome Bonus Rules for you.

First of all, companies will never let you withdraw the money you have deposited with the bonus right away. For example; The platform gives you a 200% bonus. You have 300 Euros when you deposit 100 Euros. If the firm allowed you to withdraw this money immediately, everyone deposits 100 euros and withdraws 300 euros immediately. It was going to ruin the company, right?

Casino and betting sites have some conditions and rules to prevent this. Each casino and betting sites may have different conditions from each other. one firm asks you to earn 10 times or another 50 times. You should pay attention to these. They can also set a condition that you will play like this in games. Please remember that it is your obligation to read them.

Second, the issue of thinking that you can become a member again and again and get the money, which is very important. If a friend connects to the same platform through your network, your account could be put at risk. Casino and betting sites make such a rule that these campaigns are not used again and again. Everyone can benefit only once. The control of these rules is very simple. Everyone has a specific IP address. It is not an easy task to deceive companies.

A few basic rules of the Welcome Bonus

  • Members must deposit the amount stipulated by the casino or betting firm.
  • The first membership promotion and another bonus cannot be used at the same time. Even the offer cannot be made.
  • Casinos and betting sites can change their promotion rules and add new rules at any time.
  • It is forbidden to claim earnings before the bonus spins end.
  • Live betting players cannot first request membership on someone else’s behalf.
  • The welcome bonuses can be used once for each member during their membership and cannot be requested a second time.
  • Those over the age of 18 or 21 and who is a member of the site can use this promotion. There may be changes according to the rules of your country or Casino/betting site.

The Welcome Bonus is an unmissable opportunity for first signups. Who doesn’t love free money! Remember that welcome bonuses or all bonuses may have rules. Nobody gives free money to anyone.

You can select the casino and betting sites that offer the highest amount of Welcome bonus from above.

Good Luck,
Ricky A Starling

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